About the GDXJam

What is a Jam?

A jam is defined as a sweet spread or preserve made from fruit and sugar boiled to a thick consistency. But we are not talking about that kind of jam today.

We are talking about a game jam. Typically a game jam is an event lasting from a few hours, to several months. The Jam will give you a theme or goal to work towards, and either working alone or with others you spend as much time as possible programming your way towards that goal. Some events offer rewards and even judge the entries to decide a winner. We are more focused on participation, and can only offer you some feedback!

How to participate?

On the homepage there is a section called Jam Status. This will provide you with scheduling for the Jam and what phase it is in. The Jam consists of 3 phases: Suggestions, Voting, and Jamming. During the suggestion phase you will be allowed to enter any number of themes. The Voting Phase will take you through every theme asking you to upvote, downvote, or neutral. This determines what theme is chosen for the Jam. The Jamming phase is where you create your submission! You have the whole phase, including an extra 24hours at the end to submit your project on the website.

How to submit your project

Once you have logged in through Discord on the top right of the site, you can go to the entries page. From there you can click Create Entry on the top right.

It is recommended that you include your project's source code in your entry; but you do not have to. For the sake of learning. Once you have submitted your project entry, minor changes and bug fixes are allowed but no large content/mechanic changes are permitted. Most importantly, this Jam isn't about winning, it's about learning something, and having fun. If you decide to break any of our guidelines you are only cheating yourself.

What makes us different then the other Jams?

We are quite similar to many others out there. Everyone suggests and then votes on a theme here. When the Jam starts, the theme is provided to everyone on the same page. What they create will incorporate that theme in whatever way they want. Before time runs out just make something. It doesn't have to be a game, several entries in past jams have been tools or just cool applications.

We encourage forming groups to help force us anti-social people to network a little! Solo is totally fine too; most people participate this way. The biggest differences between our jam and others, is that ours are much more relaxed and focused on the awesome LibGDX framework!

Important Rules and Guidelines

* Any and all Copyright laws pertaining to assets you use MUST be followed.

* Your project must use the LibGDX library; other libraries/dependencies are permitted.

* You may prepare a new LibGDX initial project before the Jam starts, but all coding should be done during the Jam.